Local Decisions - A Fairer Future for Social Housing

01 January 2011

This consultation outlined plans to reform the social housing system around issues including tenure, waiting lists and the homeless duty. It also considered changes to council housing finance, introducing a new ‘affordable rent' tenancy and measures to tackle under-occupation and overcrowding.

ANEC's response highlighted concerns that the proposals may do little to assist with the repair of the housing market and are unlikely to improve supply, especially in the North East. Consequently, they would be unlikely to help improve the mismatch between property type demand and availability or contribute to the reduction of structural under-occupation, one of the key targets.

The response also suggested that the proposals risked the concentration of vulnerable tenants in low demand or low cost areas, and this might be intensified by the changes to the housing benefit regulations. The Government's proposals formed part of the Localism Bill.

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