Consultation on Provisional Local Government Settlement

01 January 2011

This consultation set out the provisional local government settlement for 2011/12 and 2012/13 which outlined the reductions in budgets over the next two years.

ANEC's response set out key issues for the North East for the Government to consider when finalising the settlement:

  • the impact of front-loading of the budget reductions for local authorities;
  • the level of cuts in the North East which appeared to be disproportionate in comparison to less deprived areas of the country as a result of ‘damping' and resource equalisation;
  • the loss of Area Based Grants;
  • the need for flexibilities and tools to manage budget reductions; and
  • technical issues, data and the review of local government finance.

ANEC also arranged a meeting with Grant Shapps, Minister of State for Communities and Local Government to discuss the response. This followed advocacy activity undertaken by ANEC through briefings to MPs, ministers and senior civil servants, an advocacy paper and coverage in the media.

ANEC continued to advocate for a local government finance system based on the principle of fairness to be set up through the Local Government Resource Review. The position being informed by a member led task and finish group focusing on the Local Government Resource Review.

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