Angel of the North

Code of recommended practice for local authorities on data transparency

01 March 2011

The proposed code of practice required that a variety of data are made publicly available by local authorities including any expenditure over £500, copies of contracts and tenders under contract to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector; senior salaries, names, budgets and numbers of staff and data on the democratic running of the local authority. In addition, an organisational chart of the staff structure of the local authority; councillor allowances and expenses and policies, performance, audits and key indicators on the authorities' fiscal and financial position were also suggested as items to become publicly available.

ANEC generally supported these proposals, indeed North East authorities already publish much of this information. Some concern was expressed regarding the datasets to be released, as not all of these were perceived to be particularly useful, relevant or cost effective. There was also a request to end the legal requirement to publish statutory notices in the press due to costs.

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