Transport Committee: Inquiry into High Speed Rail

01 May 2011

The Transport Committee undertook an inquiry into the strategic case for High Speed Rail (HSR). The Committee focused on the principal arguments for and against HSR. The terms of reference were agreed and the Committee did not focus on the precise route but it did consider:

  • how high speed rail fits with the Government's policy objectives;
  • the business case;
  • the strategic route;
  • economic rebalancing and equity; and
  • impact.

The ANEC response stressed there is strong support from local authority leaders and elected mayors in the North East for HSR which offers a once in a generation opportunity to transform the economic geography of the UK, support sustainable growth and international competitiveness and to rebalance the economy in line with Government policy.

It also highlighted that it is essential that a new HSR network is developed in such a way as to maximise opportunities across the UK from the beginning, to ensure that the whole nation benefits. There are compelling economic arguments for the North East to be part of a HSR network and failure to be connected from the start will undoubtedly have a detrimental impact on the North East economy.

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