Review of Local Government Finance

01 July 2011

Councils play a crucial role in the economic, social and environmental well being of people, businesses and communities. They are responsible for a wide range of issues and services which affect people's lives - caring for and safeguarding adults and children, creating the conditions for economic growth, skills, health, transport, roads, environment, housing, planning, culture and leisure to name but a few. None of these important areas relate to Business Rates income - which is a central feature of the Government's proposed reforms for local government finance.

Essentially, all 12 North East councils collect less Business Rates than they receive from formula grant. So how the Review is resolved and the impact a new system has on the ability to provide a good level of service, no matter what your needs are, who you are, or where you live is a critical issue for us all.

The position of North East councils is clear: changes should result in a system that is fair and equitable, takes into account the different needs of different people and places and which incentivises councils through real cash growth opportunities - particularly those whose economic challenges remain significant.

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