DCLG technical consultation on the Local Government Finance Settlement 2014/15 and 2015/16

02 October 2013

The consultation sought views on a range of detailed and technical issues concerning the 2014-15 and 2015-16 Local Government Finance Settlements. These consultation issues reflected and built on the announcements made in the Spending Review from June 2013 which affected the settlement proposals for 2014/15 previously published in February 2013 while setting out plans for 2015/16.

The Association’s response stressed that councils need to be in a viable financial position to fulfil their statutory duties, meet the needs of the most vulnerable in society and do everything in their power to create the conditions for economic growth.  It also pointed out that the North East is dealing with the biggest cuts and has seen much higher reductions in spending power than the national average.  Given this backdrop, ANEC member authorities set out their concerns regarding the implications of the latest proposals contained in the consultation. These included the extra £1 billion of cuts to the core grant funding for services and the fact that the North East faces a disproportionately high share of this cut. The response also set out alternative proposals for reducing the overall level of cut and a fairer way of distributing the cuts.

View the ful ANEC response here.